Urban.Systems mobility gives Portland Smart City Challenge a boost!!!

URBAN.SYSTEMS provides an IT “kernel” to enable better urban-lifestyles globally.

URBAN.SYSTEMS is a trusted “incubator” for local, state and federal governments in how to upgrade smart technology to support the needs, desires and expectations of their citizens.

URBAN.SYSTEMS helps “scale” interoperable components through partnerships with providers of controllers, appliances, devices, sensors, actuators, routers, servers and other products that interoperate through open software and public interfaces.

As cities explore new transit systems, roads and utilities or modernize their aging infrastructure URBAN.SYSTEMS and its partners provide a range of civic engagement, financial, design, and software services that reduce cost, simplify design and financing, and build scalable operational management.

Urban.Systems VP BizDev – Stan Curtis presentation to Seattle MIT Northwest Enterprise Forum

Urban.Systems CEO – Wilf Pinfold describes the globalization of smart cities – community by community

“the urban.systems focus on open interfaces, open data and open source makes them a great partner for Jaguar Land Rover,” said Matt Jones, Director of Future Technology and President of the GENIVI Alliance. “Their fleet management tools combined with low speed electric vehicles offers a new and innovative option for urban transportation.”