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Urban.Systems VP BizDev – Stan Curtis presentation to Seattle MIT Northwest Enterprise Forum

MIT Forum:: Connected Cities, Data & Citizens from stanley2curtis hosts 2017 Global Cities Team Challenge Mobility Supercluster Session in Portland.

Hot off the stinging defeat in the Smart Cities Challenge (Columbus, Ohio won) Portland is keen to keep up the momentum of the “gang of seven” finalists (the others are Austin, Denver, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and San Francisco).

In that spirit, Portland hosted a summit at the Oregon Convention Center on Feb. 1 and 2 focusing on the city’s strongest suit: Transportation.

The Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) Super Action Cluster Summit was designed to bring local authorities, tech vendors and consultants together to figure out a blueprint making cities smarter — sooner.

One of the hosts was Wilf Pinfold, CEO at Portland-based and a huge proponent of last mile solutions such as roving autonomous electric cars. He introduced Bibiana McHugh, TriMet’s IT Manager of GIS and Location-Based Service.

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Wilf Pinfold provides great context of the needs and solutions at the Austin Smart City Innovation/GCTC Summit

Portland shows off transportation technology in bid for $50 million grant

Portland transportation officials are imagining a future where vehicles talk to municipal infrastructure, which in turn talks back.

That might seem a distant future. But as the city tries to bolster its chances in a $50 million “Smart City” competition, it sought Monday to show through a technology expo the high-tech solutions already working in the real world.

Urban.Systems chief executive Wilfred Pinfold said he could also see the buses making a last-mile connection between public transit and riders’ final destinations. It would provide carpool-like service, dropping off and picking up other riders along the way.

“The idea is to help the city become less car-oriented and more people-oriented, Pinfold said.

Portland’s effort to woo federal officials and win the $50 million challenge continues later this week.

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Portland: Smart City, USA – New tech paves the way for big changes in how we interact with our city

Portland State University research professor and CEO Wilfred Pinfold, who is leading the FIWARE Lab project says, “Portland is incubating some very interesting businesses in this space. And not only at the big level, the Intel level, but all the way down to the start-ups.”

Pinfold believes that technologists and city planners are on the cusp of something as big as the Internet, mother of Google, Amazon and Facebook.

“Something of the similar ilk is going to happen, and right at the heart of that is smart cities,” he says. “This same opportunity is here, and as a city we want to be able to take advantage of it.”

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FIWARE at the Global Cities Team Challenge Tech Jam  – Strengthing Cooperation with the USA – After the signature of the partnership between FIWARE and GCTC, the Global City Teams Challenge promoted by NIST, the US National Institute of Standards and Technologies, it is now time to join GCTC teams and expand FIWARE-based solutions worldwide.

The City of Portland in Oregon, USA, has also decided to join the FIWARE Community through the collaboration with Ubiware and URBI, another FIWARE success story start-up, towards developing common solutions for smart transport mobility. Such achievement has been possible to the FIWARE Mundus’ partner in Portland, Urban Systems. selected to part of new Jaguar Landrover incubator in Portland –, Inc. — a new company developing products and services for resilient and sustainable urban development programs — has been selected to be part of the inaugural cohort of Jaguar Land Rover’s new tech incubator in Portland, OR. The partnership between one of the world’s foremost automobile companies, Jaguar Land Rover, combined with’ expertise and experience in “smart cities,” analytics, communications, and information technology will provide a strong foundation for addressing one of the most pressing issues facing cities today: transportation.

Jaguar Land Rover’s new technology incubator first cohort kicks off this month, with the announcements of, along with two other startups selected for the program, at the Consumer Telematics Show on Tuesday.

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CES 2016: Jaguar Land Rover Announces Inaugural Startups Selected For Tech Incubator – Urban.Systems is a new company whose founders comes from large corporations like Intel and IBM, and whose goal is to aggregate electric vehicle services and products to “provide a streamlined solution in cities,” according to JLR. Urban.Systems produces and manages electric vehicle infrastructure, including charging strategies, battery management and fleet distribution, and works in the open-source environment.

“Urban.Systems is an enabling platform for the interoperability and connectivity of fixed infrastructure, vehicles and public and private transport systems, focusing on a very open-source approach,” said Jones. “They are really interested in working with JLR, the Linux Foundation and GENIVI, which fits with what we’re doing with open source.”

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PANGEA MOTORS ELECTRIC VEHICLE PROVIDES MOBILITY PLATFORM FOR PARTNER URBAN.SYSTEMS – USA Vancouver based Pangea Motors, LLC a designer, developer and manufacturer of electric vehicles (EV) in partnership with, Inc a new company developing products and services for resilient and sustainable urban development programs — was selected earlier this week to be part of the inaugural cohort of Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) new tech incubator in Portland, OR.

The team is one of the three winners selected by JLR’s Portland based tech incubator kicking off later this month, as announced earlier this week at the Consumer Telematics Show in Las Vegas. Pangea’s EV systems target large scale transportation infrastructure with unique experience developing right sized mobility innovation in both US and global markets. A pilot project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia will be the focus of one of the first projects, part of the six month JLR innovation initiative.

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Baby wearable, parking app, electric vehicles make the cut for Jaguar incubatorPortland Business Journal
Startups aimed at electric vehicles, wearable technology and parking woes all made the cut for the Jaguar Land Rover tech incubator’s first cohort.
Three companies were selected for the six-month program and will move into newly renovated offices in Northwest Portland. Matt Jones, JLR Director of Future Technology and head of the Portland office, announced the first incubator class on stage at the Consumer Telematics Show in Las Vegas.

The first three companies for the incubator are:

<i>Urban.Systems</i>, an online platform to connect cities with electric vehicle products and services. The company is starting with cities in developing countries to help leaders get infrastructure in place. The company is co-founded by Wilfred Pinfold, a former Intel executive and a current adjunct professor at Portland State University.

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