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Wilfred Pinfold, Chief Executive Officer

Wilfred Pinfold
Dr Pinfold has a passion for emerging technologies that are enabled by leading-edge research in computational and data science, giving him the ability to contribute to major advancements across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, environment, engineering, energy, packaged goods, and the entertainment industry.

His background includes experience delivering advanced computing platforms from small embedded technologies to large data centers and combining them into Cyber Physical Systems. In a 23-year career at Intel he built experience in engineering, research, strategy, business planning, account management, and marketing. He has held academic positions in schools of engineering and business in both the US and UK, has authored numerous technical reports and papers and participated in project and thesis reviews up to and including PhD.

He is a qualified Naval Architect and Structural Engineer , the Portland Mayor’s representative on the Technology Oversight Committee (TOC), a respected and highly sought-after spokesperson and contributor to the in the Smart City community.

John Teeter, Chief Technology Officer

John Teeter
John, founder and Chief Technology Officer, has a 40 year history in the electrical and technology industries. Most recently John served as a Whitehouse Presidential Innovation Fellow working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology with the Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical Systems team.

John has contributed to open smart grid standards activities and has been directly involved in the definition the technical foundations of the Green Button initiative. John is the leader of the EnergyOS/OpenESPI implementation effort, providing Green Button Connect My Data open-source implementations and is undertaking to initiate open-source efforts supporting a broad range of Smart Grid services.

John is also a member of the Urban Systems Collaborative, focused on sustainable built environments with a special focus on energy infrastructures supporting EcoDistrict and community focused engagement patterns.

Stan Curtis, SVP Business Development

Stan Curtis
Stan is a senior business development executive, with experience in startups and global-product and services industries. As a strategy consultant for IBM and Accenture, Mr. Curtis led practices in innovation, collaboration and product supply-chain management. Most recently with IBM, Mr. Curtis is still an advisor in their Smarter Cities research and continues his work with Accenture Fellows on energy-models and performance management. With a systems engineering background, a graduate degree in operations research from Berkeley, and research with MIT, Mr. Curtis is a founding member of IBM’s Open Innovation Council and has facilitated several IBM Global Innovation workshops. Recent workshops were featured in IBM Smart Cities research, GOSCON, CEOs for Cities, The Competitiveness Institute, the Congress for New Urbanism and a Masterclass with CK Prahalad. Mr. Curtis is active with Portland/Metro planning experts and is an advisor on Eco-Districts and SmartGrid Oregon.

Ken Montler, SVP and GM VAR Business

Ken Montler
Mr. Montler has over 35 years of executive management experience in the automotive and medical industries, Mr. Montler has worked in executive level in large multi-national companies, including Philips Medical Systems and DaimlerChrysler, as well as board positions and senior operational positions in several successful startups. Recruited after selling his previous company in high end medical service and sales, Mr. Montler served as President/COO of Global Electric Motors (“GEM”), driving the company’s growth from a start-up company in 1998 to its becoming the world leader in Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs). As such, he has experience developing new markets where the value proposition of LSVs can be realized.

After GEM was purchased by DaimlerChrysler in December 2000, Mr. Montler continued with GEM as its President/COO until 2003, where the factory produced over 150 vehicles a day. In 2005, Mr. Montler was recruited by Porteon Electric Vehicles as Chairman of the Board and CEO. In December 2012, Mr. Montler became CEO of Global Electric Transportation, LTD and in 2014 CEO of Pangea Motors. Mobility Cubed was formed in 2016 to be the nexus for purpose driven city vehicles with connected and autonomous technologies by working with partners and solution providers.

Ed Lisle, SVP Regenerative Emerging Markets

Ed Lisle
Ed is experienced in leading strategic research and emerging new technologies to mainstream industry opportunities. He has a rich and long history in driving new innovations. His background includes business development, corporate strategic planning, workforce leadership, international technology evangelism, to include leading software and hardware engineering development of research platform prototypes to validate technology assumptions before industry adoption.

In his 35 year career with Intel Corporation, Ed has lead a number of significant computing industry initiatives from consumer to enterprise solutions. He recently was involved in launching new research in autonomous driving and user experience simulation, prototyping highly synchronized multi sensor array (cameras, audio) with computer vision processing, and a variety of drone and rover prototypes. As a veteran raised in a rural community has influenced his ambitions in advancing promising technologies into the public sector in support of smart cities serving small towns and rural areas. Ed enjoys motorcycle riding, wine tasting, golf, fishing and what the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Daniel Frye, SVP Engineering

Daniel Frye
Dr. Frye is a physicist with 20+ years of experience running engineering organizations spanning multiple emerging and mature software products and projects. This diverse set of large and small software engineering missions included teams working on Linux, virtualization, cloud infrastructure (including OpenStack), Hadoop, platform management, and high-performance computing software among others. His team provided end-to-end development support for the multi-billion dollar Linux hardware, software, and services businesses in IBM as well as providing technical sales support for the product lines. This set of global software engineering teams spanned Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Russia, and the U.S. He was the executive responsible for the technical alliances with Red Hat, SUSE, Canonical, and other partners across the industry.

Dr. Frye completed his Ph.D. in Theoretical Atomic Physics at Johns Hopkins University, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences.